VanVleet takes it personal

Washington — VanVleet took it personal in Raptors 116-109 Over Wiz

Fred VanVleet not only took my challenge to be better personal, he took Kristaps Porzingis excessively hanging on the rim personal too, as the Raptors defeated the Wizards in overtime. 

The Wizards were hosting the Raps for the second straight game but this time the inconsistent Toronto squad put up a much better fight. 

VanVleet, Siakam and Barnes all turned their shooting woes around from the previous game and Gary Trent had his first 20+ point game since February 3rd. 

That was the good. We know when the Raptors play their game and make shots they can be a very good to great team. What has been their calling card, is now a question. The once feared defensive team again allowed 50% from the field and over 58% from the three point line. They were out rebounded and gave up 10 more points off turnover. They made up for it by edging the Wiz in the paint and out scoring Washington 19-4 on the break. 

Fluent Finale: The Raptors remain an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. When they play their best defence and knock down shots, they are world beaters. When they don’t share the ball or play that smothering style, they look like a lottery team. Is it chemistry, coaching or something else? Time is running out to find out. 

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