Welcome to Sports Fluent Academy of Hoops! Our mission is to foster skill development, personal growth, and a love for basketball within a safe and fun learning environment. We are committed to providing top-notch training through a comprehensive approach that caters to the unique needs of each player.

At Sports Fluent Academy of Hoops, our coaches are highly trained instructors with expertise in a variety of methods and techniques. Their diverse skill sets enable them to effectively teach players of all levels, ensuring that everyone from beginners to advanced athletes can achieve their full potential.

Join us at Sports Fluent Academy of Hoops, where dedication, excellence, and passion for the game come together to create the ultimate basketball training experience.

Coach Tony

Coach Tony is a former European professional and NCAA Division I basketball player with a deep passion for the game. Leveraging his extensive playing experience, he now dedicates himself to skill development for players of all levels. Known for his comprehensive training programs, Coach Tony focuses on enhancing technical skills, game understanding, and overall athletic performance. His commitment to fostering growth and improvement has made him a respected figure in the basketball community, helping athletes reach their full potential.

Coach Steve

Coach Steve, a former athlete and high school basketball coach, is renowned for his innovative approach to coaching, emphasizing the importance of making fundamentals fun. With a rich background in sports, he leverages his experience to create engaging and enjoyable training sessions, ensuring that young athletes develop essential skills while fostering a love for the game. Coach Steve’s unique philosophy has earned him a reputation for not only producing skilled players but also creating a positive and motivating environment for his teams.

Coach Jake

Coach Jake is a lifelong basketball enthusiast with a deep passion for the game. He dedicates his expertise to enhancing the strength and conditioning of all academy participants, ensuring they reach their peak physical performance. With a comprehensive approach to fitness, Coach Jake emphasizes the importance of strength, agility, and endurance in basketball, helping players develop the skills necessary to excel on the court. His commitment to fostering a rigorous training environment inspires athletes to push for their full potential.