Foster Ejects Barnes Robbing Raptors 118-113

Denver — Foster Ejects Barnes Robbing Raptors 118-113

I would like to tell you about how well the Toronto Raptors played against the Western leading Denver Nuggets. That they lead virtually the whole game. Their defence looked better, their shooting look good and that overall they just looked like a more cohesive unit. We could talk about numbers. 50% from the field, 37% from three and 85% from the charity stripe. It would be amazing to talk about every starter scoring in the double digits.

Instead we are talking about the least desirable thing. Scott Foster. The story should never about the referee in any game. They aren’t supposed to be the story. Yet, somehow, some way, this one always seems to be in the middle of controversy. Don’t get me wrong, I can pick on plays, decisions and shot selection down the stretch. That is exactly what I would be talking about, if it wasn’t for incorrect review decisions and an incredibly inconsistent whistle in the last minute. For forty-seven minutes they let them play. Last minute of the game every ticky tack call is in favour of the home team. Worst of all, ejecting Scottie Barnes, after you had already walked by and were half way to the scorers table. Not what a veteran lead official should be doing.

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