New study finds the most popular NFL teams in each state

The most popular NFL team in every state

  • The Dallas Cowboys are the most popular team in 15 states, the most of any team
  • Other popular teams across the US include the New England Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings

New research has revealed the most popular NFL in every state, with interesting results being found.

The study by sports media company OhBets analysed Google search data from the past 12 months to find the most popular team in each state.

The Dallas Cowboys are the most popular NFL team in 15 states, notably California, Texas, Virginia, and South Carolina. In California, there are around 450,000 Google searches for the Cowboys every month. Texas sees a whopping 2,240,000 searches monthly for the team, followed by 246,000 monthly searches in Virginia and 110,000 in North Carolina. 

The New England Patriots were found to be the most popular team in five states. These states are Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 246,000 searches for the Patriots come from Massachusetts every month, followed by monthly 49,500 searches in Maine, 49,000 in New Hampshire, 33,100 in Rhode Island, and 9,900 searches in Vermont.

The next team to feature are the Minnesota Vikings, the most searched team in four states: Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota. There are roughly 450,000 searches for the team in Minnesota each month, including 90,500 searches in Iowa, and around 60,000 searches monthly in each of North Dakota and South Dakota.

The Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, and Kansas City Chiefs are tied at three states each. The Denver Broncos are the most popular team in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming, and the Philadelphia Eagles are the most popular team in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Kansas City Chiefs are the most popular team in Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska.

TeamNumber of states where the most popularStates
Dallas Cowboys15Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia
New England Patriots5Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
Minnesota Vikings4Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
Denver Broncos3Colorado, Montana, Wyoming
Philadelphia Eagles3Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Kansas City Chiefs3Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska
Chicago Bears2Illinois, Indiana
Seattle Seahawks2Oregon, Washington
Arizona Cardinals1Arizona
Miami Dolphins1Florida
Atlanta Falcons1Georgia
Cincinnati Bengals1Kentucky
New Orleans Saints1Louisiana
Baltimore Ravens1Maryland
Detroit Lions1Michigan
Buffalo Bills1New York
Carolina Panthers1North Carolina
Cleveland Browns1Ohio
Tennessee Titans1Tennessee
Pittsburgh Steelers1West Virginia
Green Bay Packers1Wisconsin
Washington Commanders1District of Colombia

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for OhBets said: ”While the Dallas Cowboys have the nickname of “America’s Team” due to the size of their franchise, this list highlights that there is still budding popularity for the rest of the league across the nation. There are many surprises too, with some examples seeing states supporting teams based on the other side of the country.”

The study was conducted by OhBets, which provides Ohio sports betting news, information, and exclusive promo codes for the state’s new, legal sports betting industry.

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