Canada’s UFO viewing hotspots disclosed

From coast to coast: Canada’s top UFO reporting sites

  • New data has emerged highlighting the Canadian provinces with the most unidentified object sightings, revealing top spots for UFO enthusiasts to visit. 
  • The study examined the number of reported spottings across provinces and found Ontario to have the most reports, with 2,539 incidents recorded.  
  • British Columbia comes in second with 1,217 reported sightings, followed by Alberta with 697.  

A new study has revealed the provinces in Canada that have reported the most unidentified object sightings, naming Ontario the best region for spotters.  

The study, conducted by online gambling site Lucky Days, analyzed data from the National UFO Reporting Center to find the regions with the most recorded instances in history, highlighting the areas that should be on thrill-seeking travellers’ lists.  

#1 Ontario  

The results showed that visitors and residents in Ontario are most likely to spot an unidentified object, citing 2,539 cases recorded.  

The region has a history of supernatural experiences going back as far as the last century, with hundreds of reported sightings in the Southwest region since the 1990s. These happenings make the province the perfect area for those wishing to spot something extraordinary or for those wishing to explore Canada’s history with unidentified objects.  

#2 British Columbia  

The second area with the highest number of reports is British Columbia, where locals reported 1,217 incidents. The province also has a long history of spooky appearances, with multiple unrelated individuals reporting a yellow UFO in the sky in the Prince George area back in 1969.  

#3 Alberta  

Another area reporting high levels of sightings, Alberta, comes in third. Since recordings began, people in the region have reported 697 incidents involving unidentified objects. This makes the place a top choice for visitors to the country hoping to spot any unusual sights.  

#4 Quebec  

Next in line, Quebec comes in fourth, citing 449 reports over the last few decades. Last year, three separate pilots reported an unidentified object flying in the sky in February, adding to the mystery and making it an excellent place for those hoping to catch a glimpse of something alien.  

#5 Manitoba  

In fifth place, Manitoba comes next. Since reporting began, the region has reported 251 sightings, according to the National UFO Reporting Center. Famously, the Falcon Lake incident in the province is one of Canada’s best-known UFO sightings. The incident took place in 1967 when one man claimed a mysterious spaceship landed nearby and, after inspecting it, declared it opened and set fire to his clothes.  

Regions with the most sightings, ranked 

Rank Province Number of sightings 
1 Ontario 2,539 
2 British Columbia 1,217 
3 Alberta 697 
4 Quebec 449 
5 Manitoba 251 
6 Nova Scotia 228 
7 Saskatchewan 223 
8 New Brunswick 210 
9 Newfoundland and Labrador 54 
10 Prince Edward Island 27 

#6 Nova Scotia  

The sixth best spot for UFO enthusiasts is Nova Scotia; The second smallest province has reported 228 mysterious sightings since records began. The place is ideal for visitors and has a history of mysterious incidents, including the famous Shag Harbour incident when in 1967, multiple reports came forth of an unidentified object hitting a small fishing village. Nothing was found after an investigation, but the area still interests many curious travellers today.  

#7 Saskatchewan  

With 223 reported sightings, Saskatchewan makes for a desirable choice for visitors wanting to peep at a glimpse of something supernatural. As recently as this February, pilots flying over the area have reported mysterious spotting, adding to the mythology of the province. 

#8 New Brunswick   

Having 210 incidents recorded since reporting started, New Brunswick takes eighth place in the most interesting places for UFO-sighters to visit. One of the country’s leading physicists and ufologists, Stanton Friedman, lived in the area, and multiple incidents of sightings were recorded last year.  

#9 Newfoundland and Labrador  

With 54 recorded sightings, Newfoundland and Labrador comes as the ninth-best spot. Even as far back as 1951, a pilot reported a suspicious unidentified object on his way over the region, and today, the area remains a good area for spotting.  

#10 Prince Edward Island  

The smallest province in Canada still has much to offer for thrill-seekers, having reported 27 unidentified objects sighted in total on record. In 2014, one man claimed he saw an unidentified object dancing above the water where he and his wife were camping, inviting many curious individuals to explore the area.  

Commenting on the findings, Rich Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of Lucky Days, said: “For centuries, reports of unidentified sightings and mysterious objects have captivated the human imagination, igniting a sense of curiosity. In Canada, each province and territory has its own mythology of sightings and offers spots that both residents and visitors find compelling to explore. 

“The allure of UFOs transcends mere curiosity; it embodies an interest of the unknown and unexplainable, representing a yearning to unravel the mysteries of our universe, often added to by works of science fiction in popular media. People are drawn to these locations not only out of curiosity but also often in the hopes of encountering something extraordinary themselves. 

“Whether visitors get exactly what they are looking for, that remains to be known by each individual and maybe there will be more supernatural occurrences across the country this year for those who are interested to explore.” 

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Methodology  This piece was created from data manually sourced from the National UFO Reporting Center.