Tony K the 50 year old NBA rookie?

Tony K, AKA Fluent of Players Choice, Declares Entry into 2024 NBA Draft at Almost 50 Years Old! 

Toronto, Monday, November 27, 2023 – In a groundbreaking move that defies age norms, Tony K, widely known as Fluent of Players Choice, has officially declared his entry into the highly anticipated 2024 NBA Draft. At nearly 50 years old, Tony K’s decision to pursue a professional basketball career showcases his unwavering passion for the sport and determination to challenge conventional expectations.

Supported by his dedicated sponsors, the Ride Automotive Group, Tony K is poised to make waves in the NBA draft with his experience, skill, and unparalleled commitment to the game. The Ride Automotive Group, a prominent name in the automotive industry, expresses their enthusiasm for being a part of this extraordinary journey, highlighting their commitment to supporting individuals who defy expectations and pursue their dreams.

As Fluent of Players Choice steps onto the draft stage, he brings not only a wealth of basketball knowledge but also an inspirational story that transcends age barriers. His entry into the NBA draft serves as a testament to the belief that passion and dedication know no age, and dreams can be pursued at any stage of life.

Fans, sponsors, and basketball enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating Tony K’s journey in the 2024 NBA Draft, as he embarks on this unprecedented chapter in his basketball career. Stay tuned for updates as Tony K looks to make history and redefine what it means to be a professional athlete.

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About Tony K, AKA Fluent of Players Choice:

Is a skilled professional C-Level executive, former (future) basketball player plus an accomplished sports content creator, basketball coach and analyst. 

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