New study reveals Los Angeles is the 2nd most popular city in the US to visit, according to TikTok

New study reveals that Miami is the most popular city in the US to visit, according to TikTok 

  • Miami ranks as the top city in the US to visit according to TikTok with over 52 billion views on the platform regarding the city 
  • Los Angeles is the second most popular city in the US to visit, according to its 39 billion views on TikTok 
  • Chicago and Las Vegas rank third and fourth 

A new study has revealed that Miami is the most popular city to visit in the US, according to the social media app TikTok. 

The research conducted by real estate company Portland Real Estate analyzed popular hashtags using travel-related terms on the platform for each of the most populated US cities to reveal a ranking of the most popular cities to visit, according to TikTok. 

Miami takes the top spot in the rankings with over 52.3 billion views on TikTok for the city. The city is a hotspot for dazzling nightlife, incredible real estate, and gorgeous beaches, not to mention is home to one of the most famous NBA teams, Miami Heat. 

According to TikTok, the second most popular city to visit is Los Angeles. This city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for many reasons. Whether it’s the constant incredible weather, lively nightlife, constant celebrity spotting and its vast array of dining and entertainment options, this city might be expensive but worth visiting. This city has surpassed 39 billion views on TikTok

Chicago is the third US city TikTok users are favoring to visit; with over 34.4 billion views, the city is definitely a popular vacation destination. The city is known as ‘the city in a garden’ due to being a well-built-up area filled with charming green neighbourhoods, incredible gardens, iconic public art and sandy beaches. The city is also famous for those who like to drink beer, as it is home to over 60 breweries and is famous for its iconic craft beers. 

Las Vegas is the fourth city in the rankings, with over 26 billion views on the app for travel-related searches. From slot machines to blackjack, Las Vegas nightlife is famous for a reason and is mainly known for its gambling, entertainment, extravagant buildings and fine dining experiences. This desert-surrounded city in Nevada is seeping with rich history, which many travel from across the globe to experience.  

The fifth and sixth cities in the rankings offer two very different experiences for visitors, Houston and New York City, with Houston, Texas, surpassing 23.7 billion TikTok views and New York City collating over 17.1 billion. 

Houston is incredibly diverse, which is no secret when it comes to its fabulous array of restaurants and bars to choose from. Houston is home to the most famous space centre in the world NASA, various incredibly charming neighbourhoods and a beautifully warm climate. On the other hand, New York is renowned for its bright lights, fascinating museums, and vibrant culture alongside its popular Broadway shows, jazz clubs and elite entertainment.  

The city of Dallas takes seventh place with over 15.7 billion views, appealing to both cowboys and professional athletes; this city’s diversity is enormous. Dallas is an incredible city with popular cultural attractions to visit, live entertainment venues, and more shopping centres per capita than any other US city; this city definitely puts Texas on the map. 

In eighth place is Atlanta, with 15.4 billion TikTok views. This capital city offers an abundance of rich history for visitors to get their teeth into alongside beautiful theatres, museums and galleries that will interest all ages.  

Following in ninth place is Boston. Boston has surpassed 12.9 billion TikTok views and is very popular among young entrepreneurs and those just looking to experience anything from the city’s history, nightlife and sports games; Boston is a very energetic city.  

The tenth most popular city to visit in the US, according to TikTok, is Nashville, with 9.5 billion TikTok views. Nashville is a city that offers it all, majorly popular for being home to some of America’s top musicians. It also offers fantastic food, bustling streets heaving with activities and entertainment and a love for professional sports.  

Many vacation goers look to visit cities on the West Coast due to the beautiful attractions it has to offer, such as stunning mountain views, picturesque landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, and stunning national parks, which is why it is not surprising to see ten cities in the West Coast appear in the rankings. 

The West Coast cities that appear in the rankings are Los Angeles with 39 billion views on TikTok, San Diego with 9.4 billion, Seattle with 7.5 billion, San Francisco with 7.3 billion and Sacramento with 2.7 billion

Portland is popular with 2.3 billion views, Fresno follows with 2.1 billion, San Jose totals 1.9 billion, Long Beach has 1.5 billion, and Oakland completes the list of West Coast cities with 1.3 billion views on the app. 

A spokesperson from Portland Real Estate commented: 

“TikTok has become a mecca for keen travellers across the world looking to find their next vacation destination, and with the US being home to some of the most fantastic and iconic cities in the world, it is fascinating to see which cities are most commonly chosen for those looking to get away and experience anything from crazy nightlife to calming gardens in a concrete jungle.  

Each city in the US is unique and has its own fantastic qualities, so it is important for those planning on visiting this incredible country to figure out what each city offers and what you can expect from each area they might want to visit.” 

The 50 most popular US cities to visit, according to TikTok 

Rank City TikTok views 
Miami 52.3 B 
Los Angeles 39 B 
Chicago 34.4 B 
Las Vegas 26 B 
Houston 23.7 B 
New York City 17.1 B 
Dallas 15.7 B 
Atlanta 15.4 B 
Boston 12.9 B 
10 Nashville 9.5 B 
11 San Diego 9.4 B 
12 Detroit 7.8 B 
13 Seattle 7.5 B 
14 San Francisco 7.3 B 
15 Phoenix 6.7 B 
16 Charlotte 6.2 B 
17 Denver 5.9 B 
18 Milwaukee 5.3 B 
19 San Antonio 5.1 B 
20 Memphis 5.0 B 
21 Austin 4.6 B 
22 Philadelphia 4.4 B 
23 New Orleans 4.4 B 
24 Baltimore 3.5 B 
25 Kansas City, MO 3.0 B 
26 El Paso 2.9 B 
27 Washington 2.7 B 
28 Sacramento 2.7 B 
29 Minneapolis 2.4 B 
30 Portland, ORE 2.3 B 
31 Fresno 2.1 B 
32 San Jose 1.9 B 
33 Fort Worth 1.7 B 
34 Long Beach 1.5 B 
35 Tucson 1.4 B 
36 Mesa 1.3 B 
37 Oakland 1.3 B 
38 Indianapolis 1.1 B 
39 Columbus 1.1 B 
40 Jacksonville 978.8M 
41 Louisville 956.3 M 
42 Raleigh 946.3 M 
43 Tulsa 840.0 M 
44 Omaha 789.4 M 
45 Albuquerque 760.8 M 
46 Colorado Springs 588.4 M 
47 Virginia Beach 543.4 M 
48 Arlington, Texas 542.3 M 
49 Oklahoma City 411.9 M 
50 Wichita 269.8 M