FLUENT STUDY: Brampton in Canada’s Top 10 Instafamous Cities, Unveiled…

These are officially Canada’s most Instagrammable cities

  • Toronto is Canada’s most Instagrammable city, with over 55 million hashtags.
  • Vancouver is Canada’s second most popular city on Instagram, with over 26 million hashtags.
  • Montreal, Calgary and Brampton are all ranking in the top ten.

Toronto is officially Canada’s most Instagrammable city; new research has found.

The study conducted by the real estate experts at Greater Toronto Home Pros analysed hashtags on Instagram to establish the most popular cities in Canada on the social media platform.

Toronto has been revealed as Canada’s most Instagrammable city, with #toronto surpassing over 55.6 million posts. Other popular hashtags related to the city are #torontocity, with over 113,000 posts and #torontocityvibes, with over 19,000 posts. Toronto is known for being extremely vibrant and friendly so many choose to relocate and involve themselves in the city’s hustle and bustle.

The posts on Instagram which use the hashtag #toronto are an array of scenic photographs taken of the mountains and the incredible skyline during both sunrise and sunset hours.

The second most Instagrammable city is Vancouver. There are over 26 million posts using #vancouver as well as 45,000 using #vancouvercity. Vancouver is extremely popular due to the stark contrast between the modern skyscrapers and majestic mountains that overlook the city. Most of the images shared using #vancouver are shots accentuating the cities stunning natural lakes and waterfalls.

Montreal is Canada’s third most Instagrammable city, amassing over 20 million hashtags on the platform for #montreal.  Montreal is widely known for being a culturally diverse destination with an incredible variety of restaurants. The city has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada, proving how much it loves its cuisine.

Calgary is the fourth most Instagrammable city in Canada. The city is famous for its importance in the energy industry as well as having a solid job market leading to its popularity for those with young families wanting a successful career and higher quality of life. The city’s popularity on Instagram is proven, with #calgary surpassing over 8.7 million posts.

Ottawa is known for its popularity among the younger generations, with two of Canada’s popular universities residing in this city, the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. Ottawa is Canada’s fifth most Instagrammable city, with #ottawa amassing 7.7 million posts.  

Edmonton is Canada’s sixth most Instagrammable city, with #edmonton receiving just over 5.7 million posts. Edmonton is known for its affordable housing, a large variety of employment sectors and vibrant nightlife. It is clear to see via the hashtag that Ottawa based businesses like to use the platform to promote their services to the people of the city which is a great way of creating connections and finding out what the city has to offer.

Winnipeg and Mississauga are Canada’s seventh and eighth most Instagrammable cities, with #winnipeg amassing 4.8 million posts and #mississauga amassing 4.7 million posts.

The ninth most Instagrammable city in Canada is none other than Brampton. The city is known for its uniqueness and is presently one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. The city’s popularity on Instagram is shown by #brampton surpassing 4.4 million posts.

The final city finishing off the rankings at the tenth most Instagrammable city in Canada is Québec City. Québec City is popular because of its warm hospitality and lower housing prices. The city is proven to be popular on the social media platform, with #quebeccity amassing 1.3 million posts.

Commenting on the findings, a Greater Toronto Home Pros spokesperson commented: “Knowing which great city would be perfect for a relocation can be tricky, which is why these findings are a great way to visually indicate how each city looks and feels for those who live and visit there.

However, now more than ever, social media plays a pivotal role in people deciding where they want to live, and using platforms like Instagram can certainly help when it comes to deciding where to visit or live.”

Canada’s most Instagrammable cities

RankCityHashtagHashtag Count
1Toronto#toronto     55,641,179
2Vancouver#vancouver     26,920,292
3Montreal#montreal     20,715,609
4Calgary#calgary       8,769,892
5Ottawa#ottawa       7,797,409
6Edmonton#Edmonton       5,765,770
7Winnipeg#Winnipeg       4,877,262
8Mississauga#Mississauga       4,736,406
9Brampton#Brampton       4,424,194
10Québec City#quebeccity       1,381,869