Searches for ‘Cancel Netflix account’ skyrocket 3,233% in Canada as Netflix removes its Basic Plan

  • Searches for ‘cancel Netflix account’ soared 3,233% in Canada, following Netflix’s decision to remove basic plan option for Canada’s subscribers, Google Trends data reveals
  • ‘Delete Netflix’ and ‘how to cancel Netflix subscriptions’ searches also soared 755% and 488%, respectively.

Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for ‘cancel Netflix account’ rocketed 3,233% on June 29, as the streaming giant removes its basic tier in Canada.

Netflix users are already expressing dissatisfaction with the streaming giant’s recent efforts to combat password sharing, and now the company has introduced another modification to its packages that is likely to disappoint its customers.

According to data commissioned by Walletor, the term “cancel Netflix account” has skyrocketed 3,233% in Canada, amid the reports.

At the same time, searches for “how to cancel Netflix subscription” and “cancel Netflix” have surged 488% and 2400% over the last seven days as Canadian subscribers are trying to figure out how to cancel their accounts.

Furthermore, searches for “delete Netflix” and “Netflix Canada” saw massive spikes following the news, increasing by 755% and 400%, respectively.

As of the time of writing, Netflix Basic and Netflix Basic with ads are no longer listed on the brand’s Plans and Pricing page, the former completely missing and the latter renamed “Standard with ads.”

Many viewers have taken to Twitter to express their frustration and confusion.

“How you gonna jump from $5.99 w ads to over $16 for the next plan + tax too……. that’s crazy” one tweeted.

“icb netflix started the hosted device password login whatever thing in canada first and they are also got rid of the Basic plan in canada LIKE WHAT DID WE EVEN DO” sniped somebody else.

Granit Mustafa, CEO of Walletor commented on the findings:

“Netflix’s decision to remove its Basic Plan will have a positive impact on revenue per subscriber. 

By veering away from the lowest-priced ad-free tier, the company has the potential to unlock extra revenue per subscriber. If we consider a certain proportion of subscribers currently on the Basic plan, the removal of this tier could generate substantial incremental revenue for Netflix within a span of 12 months.

Furthermore, Netflix is anticipated to reap benefits from job reductions in the media industry, as competitors face challenges in the ad market and with subscription services”