The Most Popular NBA Teams on TikTok

The Most Popular NBA Teams on TikTok 

  • The Golden State Warriors are the most popular NBA team on TikTok, with 5.6 million followers. 
  • Playoff finalists Miami Heat have amassed 1.19 million followers whilst Denver Nuggets have just 749,000 followers, both failing to break the top ten. 
  • Utah Jazz place second with 3.8 million followers while Chicago Bulls come third with 2.3 million followers. 
  • The least popular team on TikTok are the Detroit Pistons with 348,300 followers. 

A new study has revealed the most popular NBA teams on TikTok, with the Golden State Warriors taking the crown, amassing more than 5.6 million followers. 

Sportsbooks comparison site analyzed the TikTok accounts of every team in the NBA, to find out which had the most followers, along with their average number of likes per video, engagement rate, and how much they can earn from a sponsored brand post. 

The most popular NBA team on TikTok were found to be the Golden State Warriors, who have amassed more than 5.6 million followers. On average they receive 29,580 likes per video, have a user engagement rate of 0.53%, and could earn up to $5,590 per sponsored brand post. At the time of writing, their most recent TikTok features a 2022-23 season recap, told through a collection of photographs taken on film camera. 

Miami Heat, who recently defeated the Boston Celtics to advance to the NBA Finals, were revealed to have an impressive 1.19 million followers on TikTok, but failed to make the top ten, and ranked as the 13th most followed. Fellow finalists the Denver Nuggets were found to have just 749,000 followers and sit much lower in the rankings as the 20th most followed team.

The second most popular team was found to be the Utah Jazz, who have 3.84 million TikTok followers. On average they receive 6,821 likes per video and have amassed 31.1 million likes in total across all of their TikToks. Their TikToks frequently employ popular or trending sound clips, which has helped to boost their visibility to more users.

In third are the Chicago Bulls, who have amassed 2.32 million followers on TikTok. On average they receive 19,105 likes per video and have accrued 22.4 million likes across all of their uploads. 

In fourth, with 1.9 million followers, are the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers receive 35,867 likes per video on average, which is the highest of any NBA team, in addition to having the highest engagement rate at 1.94%. 

The fifth most popular team are the Dallas Mavericks with 1.85 million followers and 4,152 likes per video on average. 

The Milwaukee Bucks take sixth place with their 1.84 million followers and clock in 9,343 likes on average per video.

The LA Clippers and the Boston Celtics ranked seventh and eighth most popular teams on the platform, with 1.75 million and 1.47 million followers respectively. 

The New York Knicks take the ninth spot with 1.47 million followers. The Knicks have one of the lowest TikTok engagement rates of any NBA team at 0.14%, second only to the New Orleans Pelicans at 0.10%

The Memphis Grizzlies round off the top ten with 1.42 million followers. 

The Detroit Pistons are the least popular team on TikTok, with 348,300 followers, a 5.2 million follower difference between the Warriors who ranked top. 

Patrick Corkery, Content Writer at commented on the findings:  

“While it may come as no surprise that the Golden State Warriors came out on top, Utah Jazz beating out the globally recognized Los Angeles Lakers in terms of followers, comes as a shock. 

“Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets who have both gone through to the Finals, surprisingly don’t even edge into the top ten most followed teams on TikTok. It will be interesting to see in the coming weeks if a championship victory for either team results in a boost to their following figures and popularity online, and if so, by just how much.” 

NBA teams ranked by number of TikTok followers: 

Rank Team TikTok handle Number of followers Average likes per video Engagement rate Estimated earnings per sponsored post 
1. Golden State Warriors warriors 5,602,100 29,580 0.53% $5,590 
2. Utah Jazz utahjazz 3,839,000 6,821 0.18% $3,840 
3. Chicago Bulls chicagobulls 2,315,100 19,105 0.84% $2,284 
4. Los Angeles Lakers lakers 1,901,400 35,867 1.94% $1,845 
5. Dallas Mavericks dallasmavs 1,851,600 4,152 0.22% $1,852 
6. Milwaukee Bucks bucks 1,839,300 9,343 0.51% $1,837 
7. LA Clippers laclippers 1,745,100 32,567 1.87% $1,745 
8. Boston Celtics celtics 1,471,600 8,687 0.59% $1,468 
9. New York Knicks nyknicks 1,468,200 2,093 0.14% $1,468 
10. Memphis Grizzlies memgrizz 1,420,800 13,470 0.95% $1,419 
11. Brooklyn Nets brooklynnets 1,411,900 9,241 0.66% $1,409 
12. Charlotte Hornets hornets 1,233,600 5,535 0.45% $1,234 
13. Miami Heat miamiheat 1,194,600 5,419 0.46% $1,183 
14. Houston Rockets houstonrockets 1,181,700 6,842 0.58% $1,182 
15. Orlando Magic orlandomagic 936,500 11,434 1.23% $933 
16. Philadelphia 76ers sixers 933,200 5,033 0.54% $933 
17. Portland Trail Blazers trailblazers 928,400 1,998 0.22% $928 
18. New Orleans Pelicans pelicansnba 825,100 854 0.10% $825 
19. Atlanta Hawks atlhawks 808,100 3,892 0.48% $806 
20. Denver Nuggets nuggets 749,000 6,232 0.87% $714 
21. Indiana Pacers pacers 696,000 1,755 0.25% $696 
22. Phoenix Suns phoenixsuns 665,400 12,568 1.89% $666 
23. Washington Wizards wash_wizards 628,800 3,421 0.54% $629 
24. Cleveland Cavaliers cavs 609,100 1,884 0.31% $609 
25. Oklahoma City Thunder okcthunder 585,900 1,031 0.18% $586 
26. San Antonio Spurs spurs 549,700 1,041 0.19% $550 
27. Minnesota Timberwolves timberwolves 502,000 1,167 0.23% $502 
28. Sacramento Kings sacramentokings 501,600 1,109 0.22% $501 
29. Toronto Raptors raptors 397,100 4,948 1.25% $397 
30. Detroit Pistons detroitpistons 348,300 1,833 0.53% $348 

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This research was conducted by, a Sportsbooks comparison site.

Methodology: The TikTok following figures were found using TokCount, and the average amount of likes per video, engagement rates and earning figures were found using Influencer Marketing Hub’s TikTok Money calculator.