Nike Kobe 6 Protro Beats Out Nike PG 6 As Most Worn Shoe By NBA Players In 23 Season (By Minutes Worn)

Top 5 Most Popular Basketball Shoes Worn By NBA Players In 2023

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In the NBA, most players sign with Nike. The shoe brand dominates the NBA with about 70% of players signing under the Swoosh logo. So far this season, Nike holds the top five shoes worn by NBA players this season.

1. Nike Kobe 6 Protro — 31,097 minutes worn on court

So far this season, the Nike Kobe 6 Protro has been seen on the court for 31,097 minutes, which averages out to a total of 647 games this season.

The Nike 6 Protros are set to drop in stores soon with a pair costing $180 USD. There will be a few colorways available with the Grinch edition, available as early as December 2023.

2.Nike PG 6 — 29,524 minutes worn on court

The PG 6 are Paul George’s signature shoe. They are designed with Nike’s innovative React Foam technology and a lot of cushioning. The shoes are said to be lightweight and responsive.

In the 2022-2023 NBA season, Nike PG 6’s have been worn for a total of 29,524 minutes on the court, which stretches out to 615 games. With multiple different colorways available, fans can pick up a pair of Nike PG 6’s for around $140-160 USD.

3. Nike LeBron 20 — 23,995 minutes worn on court

LeBron James released the 20th edition of his shoes with Nike to commemorate his two-decade-long career in the NBA in September 2022. The shoe has been worn on the court by different NBA players for 23,995 minutes, that’s a total of almost 500 games.

The Nike LeBron 20s are the first low-top shoes featured in James’ signature line. Nike claims that it’s the lightest shoe from LeBron yet. The shoes have many main features, including Zoom Air in the forefoot and heel, plus a carbon-fiber midfoot shank.

4. Nike Kobe 5 Protro — 20,405 minutes worn on court

Currently, the Nike Kobe 5 Protros aren’t in circulation in stores. A few shoes were released just before his death but Kobe’s shoes have not been released since May 2022.

It’s unclear when Kobe’s shoes will be released and what Nike is deciding to do with his signature line. Players in the NBA have been wearing older models or unreleased colorways.

The Nike Kobe 5 Protos have been worn a total of 20,405 minutes on the court for a total of 425 full games in the NBA this season.

5. Nike KD 15 — 18,751 minutes worn on court

In April 2022, Nike released the 15th edition of Kevin Durant’s signature shoe for $160 USD, depending on the colorway.

According to users, Durant’s 15th edition is the best installment in his line. The new performance model features a slimmed-down silhouette, making it lightweight while still providing maximum cushioning.

The Nike KD 15 has seen 18,751 of court time this season for a total of 390 full games.

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