NFL teams with most popular TikTok accounts


  • Kansas City Chiefs has claimed the top spot as the most followed NFL TikTok account with 2.6 million followers 
  • Following closely behind is the Philadelphia Eagles with 2 million followers. 
  • Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions are in joint third with 1.9 million followers each
  • Other popular team accounts include the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals

The most followed NFL teams on TikTok have been revealed in a new study. 

To determine the most-followed teams, casino experts analyzed TikTok, to find out how many followers each of the official NFL team accounts have and how many likes their videos have received. 

Ranking in first spot after their win on Sunday is the Kansas City Chiefs, the study found they are the most followed NFL team on TikTok, with a total of 2.6 million followers and 45.6 million likes for videos they have posted on their official account. The Chiefs’ top pinned video, which has gained 5.8 million views, is based on asking their players who their favorite team mate is.  

Coming in first for TikTok likes and second in TikTok followers is the Philadelphia Eagles, whose videos have received 48 million likes – 2.4 million more than the Kansas City Chiefs. The Eagles’ most viewed video is of player DeVonta Smith,‘Mic’d Up’, which has gained 7.4 million views.  

The Dallas Cowboys came in joint third place, on 1.9 million followers and 25 million likes across their videos, with their latest video posted on Micah Parsons gaining 1.1 million views and 100,500 likes.  

Joining the Dallas Cowboys in third place are the Detroit Lions who claim to be the ‘CEO of verified replies’ in their TikTok bio with 1.9 million followers and 36.4 million likes across their videos. That makes the Detroit Lions’ videos more liked than the Dallas Cowboys with a 11.4 million TikTok likes difference.  

The Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers are the fourth and joint fifth most followed NFL accounts, with the Bills coming in fourth place just on top of the Bengals and Steelers. The Bills official team account has 100,000 more followers than the Bengals and Steelers, which each have 1.8 million TikTok followers.  

In sixth place is the Los Angeles Rams which is followed by joint seventh place for San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots. Eighth spot is taken up by the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins. Then five teams come in joint ninth with one million followers – the Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers and Tennessee Titans. Finally, claiming number ten on the list is the Carolina Panthers.  

A spokesperson from  commented on the findings “As the NFL took place on Sunday, it’s interesting to see which NFL teams are the most popular and generating the most interactions with their fans on TikTok. It’s also fascinating to note that the official NFL TikTok account has a huge 10 million followers and 414.1 million likes, which is more followers than the four most followed NFL teams combined. The content and the interactions of all the accounts built up to a great atmosphere and tension for the game and it’s interesting to see how the Kansas City Chiefs who won have the most TikTok followers.” 

The Most Followed NFL Teams on TikTok 

NFL Teams TikTok Followers TikTok Likes 
Kansas City Chiefs 2,600,000 45,600,000 
Philadelphia Eagles 2,000,000 48,000,000 
Dallas Cowboys 1,900,000 25,000,000 
Detroit Lions 1,900,000 36,400,000 
Buffalo Bills 1,800,000 39,900,000 
Cincinnati Bengals  1,700,000 28,900,000 
Pittsburgh Steelers 1,700,000 22,500,000 
Los Angeles Rams 1,400,000 17,600,000 
San Francisco 49ers 1,200,000 11,700,000 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1,200,000 12,000,000 
Baltimore Ravens 1,200,000 14,200,000 
New England Patriots 1,200,000 11,400,000 
New York Giants 1,100,000 22,000,000 
Miami Dolphins 1,100,000 8,600,000 
Chicago Bears 1,000,000 15,800,000 
Seattle Seahawks 1,000,000 13,000,000 
Indianapolis Colts 1,000,000 12,200,000 
Los Angeles Chargers 1,000,000 20,400,000 
Tennessee Titans 1,000,000 12,500,000 

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