Raptors lose Barnes and game vs Bucks 118-111

Milwaukee — Raptors lose Barnes and game vs Bucks 118-111 

The Milwaukee Bucks got off to a hot start knocking down 7-12 three pointers to take a 33-29 lead at the end of one. Although the Raptors fought hard and had a 10-4 run in the first and then a 10-0 to start the second quarter, they still found themselves down at the half. 

Unfortunately, Scottie Barnes who was already banged up had to exit the game and word is still out on how long, if any time will be missed. Barnes was off to a good start on his 13 minutes going 2-3 for 13 points 2 rebounds and an assist. 

The third quarter would end with a Raptors lead but that was the end of the good news. The Bucks who started hot from three would go 9-33 the rest of the way from but they found a way. Holding the Raps to just 16 fourth quarter points and out shooting them from the free throw line 16-9 proved to be more than the Raptors could handle. 

The Raptors playing the back end of a back to back after last nights home game had to travel  to Milwaukee and looked to run out of gas in the fourth.  

“We need to get out rest, and get ready to go. But I like the direction we’re headed” said Nick Nurse. I’d agree at home in the road is another story. 

Fluent Finale: The Raptors looked as aggressive as the Bucks but somehow couldn’t seem to get to the line. Fred VanVleet was the leader with three free throws while the Bucks had Lopez and Giannis both had seven.  Speaking of Giannis, he was held to nine field goal attempts but went 9-9 en route to 22-13-10 triple double. 

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