Russell Wilson and the Seahawks Debacle

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks Debacle

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It’s been described before to many athletes before. The horrid life of first world problems. You know, the line at the coffee shop is too long and ordering online is too long. You want it now. Then things like out of beer and you don’t feel like getting up to go to the fridge. Or perhaps, you don’t like being on a good NFL team and with a massive contract, already winning a Super Bowl, already being in the 1%, and a celebrity wife, you just feel more entitled. 


To be fair, there is a reason. In the last three NFL seasons the most sacked quarterbacks are Deshaun Watson (who also wants out but moving on) and Russell Wilson. 

Here’s the difference. The fans love Seattle and the direction they are in. Maybe a little frustrated about the lines on offense and defense, but they have a franchise quarterback, great weapons, and no matter what a fan of the Seahawks or football thinks of Head Coach Pete Carroll, they are winning games and are in playoff contention inside a tough division. 

That is a lot to take in. But Russell’s people or his camp is being very aggressive with either getting him help on his O-Line or he wants out of Seattle. Which will be hard to do with no first round pick and only 11.1 Million is Salary Cap before the Cap is going to be supposedly cut back. If it is going to be cut, the Seahawks just might be with no money. Also keep in mind, they want to extend Jamal Adams. Where’s the money?

This is resulting in one-third of the NFL calling the Seattle front office and asking what the price is on Wilson. It seems like a few first-round draft picks and some players. He is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, isn’t slowing down, and unless it is Trevor Lawrence, what player is being drafted to be his caliber anytime soon? It’s Lawrence and everybody else in a crapshoot. Even so, unproven resumes. 

To make matters worse, Duane Brown (who was also involved in another organizational meltdown) is on his last contract year. If they cut him they could save 11 million and only 2 million is dead cap. But he needs to stay. Wilson gave him a vote of confidence to a point. 

So where to move? How do you keep the Diva happy? Now usually I hate this kind of behavior. This person can buy a person like me. He has money, performs well, and has a right to be a little frustrated as the Seahawks have neglected the O-Line the last few years. And with now JJ Watt coming to face him twice a year guaranteed, this puts more pressure on Seattle to make a move. 

Do I like that Russell is going to all the media platforms and his camp is trying to push the front office to do something which includes trading him? No I don’t. However. I do think they can make a move. Do I see them trading him to Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington, Denver, etc. ? Not really? Do I see a settlement between the two meaning that they add weapons to the O-Line in the draft to help Russell hopefully gain another ring? I do. 

Though in the meantime, basically no one is winning in this situation. The criticism of Wilson of when he gets back in the locker room, the fans for both the front office not prioritizing and Wilson acting out, and unless they get further in the post season, it is a complete wash. Regardless of the Rams being the division favorite, the Seahawks are a big it all or bust team. With a chance of all of this falling to ruin with a little bit of pressure. Seahawks fans have a right to be nervous.

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